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Board of Peers

Bringing sub-contractors from all over the UK together to share ideas, challenges and solutions.


For people that want to be involved in managing their own project and save money in the process.

Business Coaching

Receive tailored action points and concrete guidance for clarity and peace of mind when dealing with architects and builders.

We offer property mentoring programs, consulting, peer groups and workshops to ensure your business or building project is a success!

Learn how to manage your residential development project with training, guidance and support in not only managing what you’re currently working on, but building the confidence to run projects in the future.

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Why Us?

Instantly access 30-year industry experience in building and construction.

  • Involved with over 1,000 housing projects
  • Professionally qualified chartered builder
  • Extensive hands-on, management, and consulting experience
  • Flexible online training & workshops

In just a couple of sessions, I’ve learned so much. Robin’s knowledge of the construction industry is really invaluable and I can see where it is going to make a massive difference.

Susan Alexander, Property Investor

Property Development Mentoring Programs

Are you searching for a reliable and experienced property mentor? Our outstanding property coaching and mentoring programs have helped countless clients to successfully manage their property projects, see them through to completion, and transform them into lucrative businesses.

With over 30 years of property knowledge and business experience, Property Projects Consultants is uniquely positioned to guide you through the challenges and complexities of property development. We work with developers, sub-contractors, homeowners and more, offering unique insights to ensure your property projects are not complex, time-consuming, or needlessly expensive.

Our approach simplifies contracts and processes, saves you time, keeps things cost-effective, and helps to support and achieve your property vision. Get in touch today and discover how our bespoke approach could suit you and your business.

Our industry-leading selection of services, courses, and mentoring opportunities are popular with a wide variety of clients — from those keen to improve their existing skills and others who are entirely new to property development.

Together, we can create a tailor-made strategy that gives you and your project the best chance of success.

Leading UK Property Mentors

Having a property mentor to guide you through your property project has many benefits. A property mentor can help you to develop a strategy from the start of your project through to its completion, using their insights and experience to identify potential challenges in advance.

This can help you to avoid time-consuming or costly delays, and difficulties that would have been hard to anticipate for yourself.

A property mentor can also help you to identify potential strengths and weaknesses in a project — and any gaps in your own knowledge — so that you can prepare, improve, and overcome any challenges.

Property mentors are also able to appreciate firsthand the intricacies and demands of the property industry.

They know the challenges you will face and how best to help you overcome them. With their help, you can ensure that your project is as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

Choosing the right property mentor is an important decision.

At Property Projects Consultants, our decades of experience, collaborative approach and bespoke coaching plans have made us industry leaders.


Choosing A Property Mentor

Choosing the right property mentor for you should be a careful consideration. Having the right advice and guidance at your disposal can be the difference between a failed project and one that is smooth, successful, and cost-effective. 

With decades of industry experience, we believe our property consultations, coaching and mentoring programs are second to none. Our delighted clients come from a range of backgrounds, industries, and experience levels.

They have all been able to benefit and thrive thanks to the experience and knowledge of founder Robin Hayhurst, BSc (Hons) MCIOB. With a thriving family property business and enormous depth of industry knowledge, Robin is in an unrivalled position to assist and champion the next generation of aspiring property developers.

It is essential that your chosen mentor has years of experience and an understanding of how to create a business that is not only successful, but also resilient and adaptable — capable of withstanding a variety of circumstances.

With experience of having led his business successfully through the 2008 global recession, current uncertain times and more, Robin is passionate about sharing knowledge of both good times and challenges so that his clients can reap the rewards.

Get in touch today to discuss the courses and mentorship opportunities available, and join our thriving community of property peers and experts.

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Our Services

Property Projects Consultants offers a range of services that are ideal for developing your business, home, and property development skills.

Whether you are seeking expert consultation, industry-leading courses and mentorship programs, or even a board of peers to share tips, experiences, and industry insights — you have come to the right place.

Just some of the services we offer include property development consulting, property investment consulting, property development management, property sourcing mentoring, residential construction consulting, and independent consulting.

If you are unsure what service might suit you best, please get in touch and we would be delighted to assist you.

Discover More

You can discover more about the activities of Property Projects Consultants by following our dedicated social media pages on Facebook and Linked, and also by browsing our blog.

Here you will discover industry insights, tips, and thoughts on how to navigate property projects. Property Projects Consultants is also proud to connect industry peers of all levels and experience with one another through the Board of Peers initiative.

With dedicated groups for sub-contractors, developers, and even first-time developers, the Board of Peers is an innovative group initiative that aims to share knowledge, experience, and support in the industry. Why not get involved?

If you would like to find out more or to discuss which of our services and offers might be best for you and your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to assist you.

You can telephone a member of our friendly team on 03301 331778, or send an email to You can also use our quick and convenient online contact form. Simply fill out a few contact details and your enquiry, and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

We are also delighted to offer completely FREE initial consultations for potential clients. This is an ideal time to discuss your project and goals, and to get a firsthand insight into which of our courses or services could be the perfect fit for you.

Simply click the Free Consultation icon and choose a date and time that works for you.

At Property Projects Consultants, we are determined to make your business venture or property project a success. Armed with deep industry insights and decades of experience, we will empower you with the knowledge and approach to succeed in property.

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