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It’s about more than just the plans.

Housing development is an exciting field. For a lot of people, it’s a unique opportunity to shape your life in your own vision. For others, it’s a way to help prospective homeowners to achieve the life they’ve been wanting for years.

For those who choose to follow their big dreams, the difficulties can be overwhelming. Independent advice and experience are invaluable for newcomers looking to take on the challenges of project management for themselves.

Why our clients work with us

You’ve got something great in the works, but there’s so much going on, you feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions.

It’s tempting to bring in a project manager to take some of that strain for you. The problem is, a hiring good project manager is going to soak up between 10 and 15% of the cost of your project. It means that if you’re spending £100,000 on a project, up to £15,000 of that is going to the project manager alone.

Isn’t that money better spent on the actual development?

Our clients have the confidence to work the way they want. You should too.

Through online video meetings and daily professional assistance via email, we can offer support to you in managing your projects, and teach you how to effectively continue to do so in the future, so you can spend your budget where it matters.

Thinking about starting a new building project, or need help with an existing one?

Successfully completed projects

Robin Hayhurst

BSc(Hons) MCIOB, Director

About Robin

By watching others build their extensions, or develop their properties and land, I’ve witnessed people make the most basic of mistakes. Errors that end up costing time and money, and culminating in them not getting the most out of their project, whether it be financially or in optimum use of space.

I have purchased land, gained numerous planning permissions, designed layouts, written complex specifications, built and sold houses – all elements key to my role as Managing Director of a medium-sized house building and development projects.

I have sat on small developers committee at the Department of Communities and Local Government, advising on the industry, and I currently hold a post as Non-Executive Director for the market sale arm of a housing association.

My mission is to assist individuals or companies to extend their homes or start their first development. I will help you online at a time that is convenient for you by using either one-to-one video conferencing or via online video workshops.