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Business Coach or Life Coach? What’s the Difference?

One of the problems with running your own business is you get bogged down with working on the business, finding more work, sorting out your clients or catching up with the paperwork. This happens whether you’re a one man band or employ 30 or 40 people.

It’s a very common mistake in business owners. 

If you want your business to be a long term success and be able to adapt to changes that happen with your market over time it’s vital you spend time on a regular basis working on the company rather than in it.

To get the best out of this time and to give you clear focus and direction it is a huge benefit to work with a coach. Generally business owners do not wake up in the morning and say I need a coach. Many do not even understand what coaching is and often confuse business coaching with life coaching. A business coach and life coach are very different things. A life coach helps you get focused on important elements of your life and will have received training to do that. A good business coach will be able to work with you to make your company the vehicle to fulfil your personal goals.

Like a life coach, a business coach may start by getting you focused but then you work together to look at every part of your business with fresh eyes and move your business forward to greater success. When you think that most businesses fail in the first couple of years and very few survive to turnover in excess of £1,000,000 the importance of a good coach is crucial to your success.

All coaches are not created equal- as you can see I keep referring to a good business coach! What is a good business coach? Many Business coaches go on a ten week course and off they go finding and coaching clients. Some of them will have success with clients and their businesses, and some will not. I believe to be a good coach you need more than that. A 10 week course will give you the tools to get your client focused but to really understand business you have had to be there and had hands on experience. You need to have had success and failure running your own business to be able to guide another business owner down the path of success avoiding the rocks that are the tragic end to so many businesses. If that coach is also experienced in your industry that is a double bonus red letter day.

I have have been running businesses in the housebuilding, development and construction industry for 20 years. I’ve had wins and losses in that time, I have as they say ‘been there done it and got the t-shirt’. Actually I am still running development companies. I am qualified with a Degree in Construction management and a Member of the Chartered institute of Building. I am now coaching clients in my industry to improve and succeed.

I love it, helping people is one of the most fulfilling things for me and your problems are often simple to resolve as I have come across most of them in my time. Whether you are just starting out, need to get to the next level or feel you want to structure your company so you can have more time at home, I can help.

Running a business does not need to be stressful but it quite often can be. Think about what is keeping you awake at night about your business and how it would feel to have someone with experience to work with you to resolve those challenges and help you avoid getting into that situation again.

I take on clients on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly and group basis and also run Peer to Peer groups, so there is assistance for every budget.

Feel free to contact me by email to arrange a free consultation.

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