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As a business owner do you feel like you’re treading water?

Just about managing to stay on top of everything, however the constant pressure is leaving you without clarity or the energy to move things forward?

Your time is precious, the demands are constant and your attention is always needed somewhere, leaving you no time to focus on making considered, informed, strategic decisions that will potentially increase profitability and facilitate growth.

I understand. I’ve been in your shoes.

If your goal is establishing a sustainable, growing, profitable business with an excellent reputation for delivering quality builds on time and on budget, you’re in the right place.

My name is Robin Hayhurst BSc (Hons) MCIOB, and with 30 years’ industry experience and a wealth of knowledge across residential and commercial building projects I understand the pressures you are faced with better than most.  That is why I am so passionate and invested in helping my clients’ businesses achieve success.

Having led our family business (est. 1969) through the 2008 global recession (we survived, recovered, and increased our annual turnover to circa £10M), I recognised early on that having a sounding board whereby I could access external expertise and support would be immensely beneficial to the business. 


Sadly, that type of industry-specific support was not available at the time, and after a few turbulent years, the business went into liquidation. Whilst we were cash poor following the recession and external sources played a significant part, unfortunately, I did not have access to the experience and support that would have put me in a position to better predict and understand the options available to me, things that would have enabled me to make considered, time-critical effective decisions; if I had done, things would have been different.

Having learned through my own experiences, hindsight and clarity have enabled me to recognise the different courses of action that were open to me at that time – knowledge only gained through the journey I’ve been on. 


This has ignited a passion to help others learn from my successes and avoid making the same mistakes. I am dedicated to sharing my in-depth industry-specific knowledge to support business owners like you through 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring.  My clients often compare my role to that of a non-executive director – helping guide their company to success and achievement of their strategic goals.

If your business would benefit from support from an industry expert who can:

  • bring clarity and considerations to your decision-making process
  • assist you in formulating a strategic plan to build a strong reputable business
  • share industry-specific insights (successes and failures) enabling you to make in-formed decisions

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